Making the data science revolution available to all 

We have worked with organisations to:

  • Rapidly process qualitative data

  • Profile clients / stakeholders

  • Automate boring/time consuming processes

  • Build metrics and measurements of performance


  • Turn feedback into actions

  • Develop the best experience for clients/stakeholders

  • Improve efficiency

  • Develop a culture of consistent improvement

a few years back…

We noticed that the benefits of advances in data science were not being taken up by everyone. Public and for-purpose organisations, like private businesses, often hold vast volumes of data, without a clear path to using it for operational improvement.

Altometer was started with the goal of turning the benefits of data science into the capability to turn big data into clear information.

Whether its understanding your customers or stakeholders better, or using operational data to automate boring or time consuming processes, our goal is to provide options to increase your capacity that are affordable and appropriate for the life stage of your organisation.

What could you do with the data your organisation holds?

It might be something you haven’t even imagined yet.