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We use data science techniques to help you sort multiple sources of qualitative and quantitative data into information you can make decisions with. The process is designed to be easy and affordable.

Our process is supported by machine learning, speeding up the analysis, removing human error and quickly leading to clear insights you can trust.


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recent projects

We focus on helping for purpose enterprises get more out of their data. These are our favourite recent examples:

Department of Housing, Queensland

The future of renting

The Queensland Government asked Queenslanders “how could the future of renting be improved?”

They received feedback from over 20,000 citizens in a range of formats. How could the make sense of all that data?

Department of Education, New South Wales

Department of Education, New South Wales

re-creating the curriculum

The NSW government is looking to ensure the curriculum keeps pace with the needs of contemporary life.

Thousands of students, teachers and parents from across the state wanted to express their opinions. How should the Department ensure so many complex views are treated fairly?

VicRoads, Victoria

VicRoads, Victoria

measuring public sentiment

The Victorian Parliament asked country residents whether they felt their roads were fairly maintained.

Hundreds of stakeholders thoughtfully prepared extensive feedback for the Parliament. How would the nuance of many complex views be turned into action?

 Who are our clients?

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