Nsw-wide curriculum review


in october 2018, the nsw government was in the midst of a major review of the nsw school curriculum…

They collected over 2,000 submissions to this important topic and used machine assisted data science techniques to quickly generate insights from all their data.

As part of the process the Education Department was involved in a range of activities to collect feedback from teachers, parents, students and peak bodies about the future of teaching.

One element included the opportunity to write to the Department with their perspective on what was important for the future of education. Submissions were collected through a departmental website.

Through this process over 2,000 submissions were received. Most of them lengthy and well considered. Parents, teachers, principals, students and peak bodies from all over the state provided feedback.

Altometer, teaming up with ARTD consultants, used data science techniques to rapidly review, sort and categorise the topics raised among all the letters they received.

In all, 16 major topics were identified as well as details of the characteristics of the participants. The department was able to identify the issues that were the most important by stakeholder type and their location. These were turned into an interactive report that allowed the Department to filter the results in a range of different ways to examine who had expressed certain themes and priorities.

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