data informed policy

Machine Assisted data analysis for Governments

Humans and machines working together to analyse data faster 

We’re here to help liberate the useful information from your data to help you to communicate the ideas behind policy and programs better, make decisions and build public value. We specialise in analysing your:

  • Quantitative data (survey results, etc)

  • Qualitative data (open answer questions, transcripts, submissions)

  • Presenting your data beautifully (infographics, interactive dashboards)

What is machine assisted?

Your data sorted by machine, checked by trained analyst

Governments are frequently under pressure to analyse large volumes of submission and other qualitative data quickly in order to learn community or stakeholder sentiment around an issue. 

Altometer’s data scientists have developed a number of algorithms that help our analysts sort and categorise large volumes of unstructured text and identify themes within it. All submissions are then checked by a human analyst to ensure that the programming has done an accurate job. 

Our process has achieved:

  • Processing between 2,000 and 25,000 qualitative responses within 2 weeks

  • High levels of accuracy tested against human analysts

  • Significant cost and time improvements (up to 75%)

Machine Assisted Analysis.png