automation and decision support

Are you maximising the value of your data?

Most companies we speak to have a similar story: they collect lots of data, but are still working out how to best use it.

There is potential in the data you collect. We have put the data companies collect to work to:

  • understand their clients and better target products and communication

  • dramatically scale the effectiveness of their their customer service teams

  • support key management decisions with evidence

  • Manage continual improvement processes

  • pre-empt customer needs before they know they have them, maximising the effectiveness of sales

We are a diverse team including backgrounds in management, communications, product management and data science and we are keen to partner with you to get the most out of your data.

No black box. Collaborative consulting.

Get your own analyst and accont manager who work with you remotely as you need them.

Data Products

Automate data processing

Data products are created by turning a data into statistical analysis through an interface. It’s like a weather app, but it uses data critical to your operations.

They are designed to automatically create useful information from vast amounts of data. It’s possible that:

  • This data is presently going unused

  • Someone is manually processing it each month

The products can be used internally within organisations, or they can have public interfaces – it all depends on who is developing them and why.

Altometer works with organisations to help them build data products for their own staff or for commercial purposes.